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Our educational workshops are designed to give your pupils hands-on experiences to bring the past alive, focusing on the requirements of the national curriculum. Each session will last between 1.5-2 hours for up to 30 children, sessions can be combined to create a whole day experience and more than one time period can be covered in a day. To maximise pupil's engagement with the day,  teacher lead resources are available. Whole school or large group aspects can be included such as an assembly or storytelling session. Teachers will receive a lesson plan prior to the day. All sessions can be modified to meet specific learning needs.

Life in the Maya World Workshop

Guided by a Maya archaeologist children will explore a range of themes, including - architecture, clothing, comparing rich and poor in the Maya world, technologies, Maya Gods and Mythology, foods, agriculture and trade. (contact us for the tasting option). Book now

Stone Age to Iron Age/Prehistory Workshop

 An interactive workshop investigating every day life in early Britain including clothing technology, food preparation, real stone tool use, scale models of dwellings and their contents as well as examining replicas. Book now

Viking Experience Workshop

Meet Thorgild - Help her prepare the household for the return of Thorgest Forkbeard, by completing a range of everyday tasks from Viking childhood. This includes Viking games, puzzle solving and household tasks.  Children will gain first hand experience of life in a Viking household. Book now

Investigate the Vikings  Workshop

A hands-on investigation using the objects that Vikings used, examining how far their settlements spread and comparing the contents of a viking house with life today. Book now


I'm an Archaeologist!  Workshop

A workshop lead by an experienced archaeologist that allows children to understand the past though handling objects and completing a mini-excavation. Book now



'I thought it had been 30 minutes - but it hasn't, it was 2 hours. Best day ever!!' Kendall Church of England Primary

'I looked at the children and they were mesmerised - but so was I. With that story you brought the Mesolithic alive' St Augustines Primary

'You were fantastic!! The resources and knowledge you provided were impeccable - Certainly a woman of many talents.
You have a clear passion for history which undoubtedly shined through today. All pupils and teachers were engaged and we have all taken so much away from your session!' Kew Woods Primary

I learnt a geat deal about the Stone Age, particularly the differences between the Neolithic/Mesolithic/

Paleolithic.' Robin Hood Primary


'Everyday life was explained!' Trinity Primary School


'Very engaging and

hands - on.'  Fairchildes Primary


The children enjoyed it very much and has given them lots of knowledge to take on.' St Georges Cathedral School.


'We do lots of workshops, and Pukub's are the most hands-on.' Fairly House School.


'Excellent provision!' Kent County Inspector.

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