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Stories, crafts sessions, meet the character and workshops available for home learners and schools.  

Story and chat for schools

£45 30 minutes - maximum 4 classes

Meet a costumed character from the past for a short story linked to their period, examine objects then a question and answer session with the character and objects. The session can be adapted to meet specific learning goals. Book now


Periods to choose from Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Vikings or Maya

Online lessons

Online lessons £60 for a 1 hour session! - single school per session


Schools can take up the Hi-flex option where teachers can share the weblink with up to 30 pupils to accommodate home learners. Supporting resources will be provided or all sessions. Book now

Stone Age to Iron Age

Art and Entertainment Bronze Age and Beyond

Meet Blae from the Bronze Age and learn about the art of her time and earlier, including how pigments are made, bone is decorated and how people made music. Book now


Craft from the Past

A visitor from the past can teach you how to craft an item from your time period, this can be linked with other sessions to build an amazing scheme for your pupils. Crafts can include textiles, metals or clay. Resource lists will be provided after booking. Book now


Otzi and the people of the Neolithic - coming soon

Learn how archaeologists build an understanding of the distant past by studying the objects people left behind - links will be drawn between this exceptionally preserved find and finds of a similar period in the United Kingdom.




Work with a real archaeologist to discover how archaeologists find new sites in the dense Maya jungle, learn to identify buried ruins and how new technology is used in the dense jungle. Book now



The Maya have over 200 different gods, uncover how we identify them and get to know some of the key gods in more depth.  Then compare these to the gods of the Vikings.  Complete your session with a question and answer session with a Maya archaeologist. Book now




Thorhilde knows that playing is an important way to learn, she will introduce you to a range of Viking toys helping you to use them to learn more about the lives of children in AD 900.


Also available for KS1. Book now

Stories, crafts sessions, meet the character and workshops available for home learners and schools.  Book now

Find our guidence for conduct during online visits here.


'I thought it had been 30 minutes - but it hasn't, it was 2 hours. Best day ever!!' Kendall Church of England Primary

'I looked at the children and they were mesmerised - but so was I. With that story you brought the Mesolithic alive' St Augustines Primary

'You were fantastic!! The resources and knowledge you provided were impeccable - Certainly a woman of many talents.
You have a clear passion for history which undoubtedly shined through today. All pupils and teachers were engaged and we have all taken so much away from your session!' Kew Woods Primary

I learnt a geat deal about the Stone Age, particularly the differences between the Neolithic/Mesolithic/

Paleolithic.' Robin Hood Primary


'Everyday life was explained!' Trinity Primary School


'Very engaging and

hands - on.'  Fairchildes Primary


The children enjoyed it very much and has given them lots of knowledge to take on.' St Georges Cathedral School.


'We do lots of workshops, and Pukub's are the most hands-on.' Fairly House School.


'Excellent provision!' Kent County Inspector.

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